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Shenzhen Huiteng Industry Co., Ltd. is a professional electronic component agent dealer. Relying on a strong market and network system, it provides customers with all-round professional and fast price and technical support services. The company has been established for many years, and has become a member of major IC trading platforms, Hong Kong electronic inventory (hkinv.com) and TBF. Huiteng industry adheres to the business direction of sustainable development, long-term adherence to the principle of customer-centered, honesty and trustworthiness is the life of the enterprise, and makes the following commitments to customers


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With the rise of Chinese semiconductor brands, many chips can completely replace imported chips! We believe that in the future China's high-end semiconductor brands can be world-renowned, so we made the layout very early. We Provide first-class technical support!

The microprocessor as an alternative to the microprocessor
  ——Harvard Semiconductor

Huada semiconductor is a subsidiary company of China Electronic Information Industry Group Co. , Ltd. (CEC) , which integrates its integrated circuit enterprises. Huada semiconductor main business for Industrial Control MCU, smart card and security chips, analog circuits, power devices, display drivers, etc. , for four years in China's top 10 IC design enterprises. Huada semiconductor is gradually shifting from product applications mainly in the smart card and consumer markets to integrated semiconductor enterprises mainly in industrial control, especially in medium and high-end product applications mainly in motor control applications, take the motor control as the core to build the complete solution from the MCU to the drive chip to the power device. In order to meet the requirements of multi-domain and multi-level application scenarios, the MCU business department has introduced the HC32L series for ultra-low power applications based on ARM kernel, which is capable of powerful chip design, Algorithm Research and scheme development, hC32M series for the motor application market, HC32F series for the general market, as well as customized small PLC series for industrial customers. In the case of the MCU, the competitiveness of domestic manufacturers is gradually strengthening. The excellent enterprises represented by Huada MCU already have the strength to compete with the top MCU manufacturers abroad, and even catch up with the first-line MCU in terms of reliability, low power consumption, etc. . These are opportunities for domestic MCU manufacturers,Cai Zhenyu, manager of Huada Semiconductor Development Planning Department, said at the 2019 Shanghai Electronics Exhibition.

Simulation of the alternative camp
  ——Harvard Microelectronics

Analog chip is a semiconductor company specializing in high performance, High Quality R & D and Sales. Shengbang shares mainly signal chain class analog chip and power management class analog chip two categories of products. Among them, signal chain products mainly for a variety of amplifier chips, including operational amplifier, audio power amplifier and video drivers, analog switches and interface circuits; The power management category covers LED driver circuit and linear regulator, DC/DC converter, CPU Power Monitoring Circuit, li-ion battery charge management chip, over-voltage protection circuit and load switch, etc.  In December 2018, St State Microelectronics announced the formal completion of the acquisition of a 28.7% stake in Yutai semiconductor. In the field of analog chip, which is almost monopolized by overseas giants such as TI, Adi, NXP, Maxim, STM, Infineon in the global market, domestic analog chip enterprises are gradually rising and integrating the analog IC industry, can make the enterprise product reliability in the large-scale production promotion, thus gradually reduces with the international level disparity.

Simulation of the alternative camp
  ——The galloping semiconductor

Rongpai semiconductor was founded in 2016 by Dr. Zhiwei Dong of the Georgia Institute of Technology, master of Microelectronics Institute of Tsinghua University, and former chief designer of QUALCOMM USA, led by Yinghua capital (a former Intel Investment China team) , a leading global technology provider of high-performance Analog chip products, focusing on Analog chip R & D and Sales. The company brings together a group of IC designers from leading companies such as Qualcomm, Analog chip and Texas instruments. The company's products cover three broad areas: security, sensor, and Internet of things. Rongpai semiconductor is committed to building a world-leading high-performance Analog chip, independently developed isolator product line, has 15 isolator field of global invention patents. At present, communication digital isolator, I C isolator, DFN (2 * 3 mm) packaging isolator has been released on the market, in addition, 485, CAN isolation transceiver and isolation drive will be officially launched in the second half of this year, mainly used in industrial automation, new energy vehicles, digital Power Supply and home appliances market, and strive to accelerate the process of semiconductor chips localization.

The Storage Alternative: A harvard-core Semiconductor

TAs one of the three pillars of the semiconductor industry, memory has grown into a veritable "life source" of the electronics industry after decades of cyclical development. Dong Xin semiconductor, as a newly-rich domestic memory chip, was founded on November 26,2014. It is a Chinese Semiconductor Design Company initiated by Dong Fang Heng Xin Capital Holding Group Co. , Ltd. through its subsidiaries, mainly engaged in memory chip research and development and sales. On April 22,2015, it acquired Fidelix, a well-known South Korean semiconductor firm, making it its largest shareholder and de facto controller. In 2016 launched the first single-crystal 1Gb Nand SPI products in China, currently has a sound serial and parallel Nand & nor Flash, DDR AND MCP product family. At present, it is the only local memory chip design company that can provide Nand, NOR, DRAM design process and product scheme.

The alternative to MCU: Florida

The top 500 private companies in China, including the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People's Republic of China, the world's top five laser printer, the printer controlled SOC and the consumable encrypted chip design, are the most successful companies in the world, internet of things chip solution provider. In May 2018, through its wholly-owned subsidiary Zhuhai Apex Microelectronics Co. , Ltd. , NASDA signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Chengdu Ruichengxin microtechnology in Zhuhai, Guangdong Province. The company will introduce a series of environmentally friendly and energy-saving products with home-made proprietary intellectual property chips to help China's printer industry go global. Not long ago, ARM, the world's leading IP designer, terminated its partnership with Huawei, leading to Institute of Computing Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Huawei and many other technology companies to join the RISC-V camp. One is the completion of the first independent design of the CPU based on the RISC-V core, the test performance is greatly improved.

The storage substitution camp
  ——The innovation of Miaoyi

Zhaoyi innovation was founded in April 2005 as a leading domestic memory, dedicated to the design and development of related memory, controller and peripheral products. The variety of Flash products is rich, the structure is optimized constantly, the MCU grows rapidly, the heavy weight cuts into the DRAM track, or will open the new space which grows. In Flash products, trillion easy innovation current low-capacity Nor Flash business ranked third in the world. And it continues to develop new products and realize technological upgrading: NOR FLASH EXPANDS HIGH-CAPACITY PRODUCTS, realizes 512 MB high-capacity products mass production, and enriches product line models such as wide voltage and low power consumption; Nand Flash 38 NM products have been stably mass-produced, 24 Nm Nand Flash is also moving ahead with research and development. In 2013-2015, Zhaoyi innovated into the field of MCU. At present, NXP, Renesas, Microchip, Samsung, St and other overseas manufacturers occupy the leading position. Zhaoyi innovation in the MCU global market share of less than 1% , but very high growth, in the past two years revenue growth rate of more than 50% . With the improvement of software tools, development environment and after-sales support, the compound growth rate of MCU is expected to reach 30% in the next 5 years. In DRAM products, Samsung, SK Hynix and Micron Technology are currently monopolizing the market, with CR3 exceeding 95% . There is a strong demand for the substitution of domestic memory. Zhaoyi innovation has joined forces with Hefei to produce and invest, and Hefei Changxin has joined forces to break through the domestic DRAM market. Once it is officially put into production, dram is expected to capture 8 per cent of the Global Dram Market, filling a gap in the domestic market for domestic Dram memory.

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